Marketing Tool Kit

We want to assist you to maximise your reach and awareness at the King's Fest Wine Show.  As a result, we have developed an Exhibitors Marketing Toolkit for you to use to develop and enhance your marketing efforts for the Show.

Wine Exhibitor Logos and Graphics

Promote your participation in the King's Fest event by displaying these logos, and graphics on your social media, web and print communications.

If using them on web and social media channels, don't forget to include a link back to the King's Fest website


Download the entire Exhibitor Graphics Pack for 2018 King's Fest Wine Show

or click below download the following individually:


WB-King's Fest-Square-Banner-323x323.jpg

WEB BANNER - GENERAL - 323 x323 pixels

WEB BANNER - WINE SHOW - 600 x 315 pixels


WEB BANNER - WINE SHOW - 970 x 250 pixels


WEB BANNER - WINE SHOW - 728 x 90 pixels


FACEBOOK POST IMAGE - WINE SHOW - 1200 x 628 pixels

FACEBOOK POST IMAGE - WINE SHOW - 1200 x 900 pixels



Social Media Steps

Social media has become one of the most powerful promotional tools for business.  Be sure to leverage your social media reach to promote your presence at the Show and drive traffic to your stall.

  1. Please use the King's Fest hashtag #kingsfestwineshow with all your King's Fest related social media posts.

  2. Make sure your business page follows the King's Fest Facebook Page

  3. A picture/image paints a thousand words, whenever possible, accompany your social media posts with an image or graphic to attract your audience. Feel free to use any of the images contained in the media kit.


Sample social media posts for your use  (adapt to your style):


Come to see us at King's Fest 22 - 23 September!  We'll be presenting our (insert products) and will be on hand to answer your questions.  Get your Wine Tasting Tickets now at  #kingsfestwineshow


We have some King's Fest Wine Show special deals for you!  See us at the Show from 22 - 23 September.   Get your Wine Tasting Tickets now at  #kingsfestwineshow


Only XX more days until the King's Fest Wine Show!  We'd love to see you there. So come to visit us a from 22 - 23 September.  

Get your Wine Tasting Tickets now at  #kingsfestwineshow

Event Content


King's Fest Event Description


Staged on picturesque grounds of The King’s School, King’s Fest attracts crowds in excess of 20,000 people from across Sydney and represents a celebration of creativity, design and community.


King’s Fest is a two day event run over Saturday and Sunday featuring a range of attractions including High Tea in the famous Gowan Brae - featured in the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’, an exclusive jewellery display, champagne bar, food market, bakery, artisan markets, carnival rides, festival food and children’s entertainment.

Wine Show


The Wine Show runs the perimeter of the Supercar Saturday Event incorporating over 20 Wine Stalls a Champagne Bar and a range of gourmet food options. On Sunday the Wine Show will be supporting the 100 Year History of Automotive Design and Engineering Display.


Positioned central to the 23-hectare event and alongside the Art Exhibition and High Tea experience, the Wine Show has been established as a key attraction and a ‘must see’ destination for King’s Fest visitors. 


Art Show


The King’s Fest 39th Annual Art Show will feature an estimated 1,000 artworks on sale from approximately 100 artists. 


A key drawcard of the Art Show is the $20,000 Art Prize Exhibition. The prize is presented to the Artist judged for the best contemporary artwork, created by an artist resident in Australia and represented by a commercial gallery. 


Over the past this award has supported some of Australia’s premier contemporary artists including works by Aida Tomescu, Lyndal Brown, Charles Green, John Olsen, Jason Benjamin, Jacquie Stockdale, Peter Churcher, Joanna Logue, Nicholas Harding, Martine Emdur, Ashley Frost, Ben Quilty, Geoffrey De Groen, Nicholas Blowers, Rodney Pople, Gloria Petyarre, Ross Laurie, Euan Macleod, Geoff Dyer, Jun Chen, Guy 

Maestri and John Bokor. 


Supercar Saturday


Come and join us for a gathering of exotic Supercars at King's Fest 2018 hosted within the grounds of The King’s School, North Parramatta on Saturday 22nd September 2018.

Supercars will be showcased alongside an impressive range of vineyard stalls where visitors can partake in wine tasting, craft beer sampling and experience a range of fine food options while enjoying live entertainment within the picturesque grounds of The King’s School. 


Enter the spring season with the enjoyment and celebration surrounding the most impressive showcase of luxury lifestyle products. 


All British Car Rally

The All British Car Rally features more than 1,500 British cars spanning over 100 years of motoring history. This day is an absolute visual spectacle attracting a wide range of motoring enthusiasts. Whether they are Aston Martin, Jaguar or Rolls Royce admirers, or visitors that simply get lost for hours wandering amongst the largest collection of British classic cars assembled in Australia, there is something for everyone. 


British motor cars have an important place in motoring history covering the whole spectrum of motoring automobiles from affordable vehicles such as the Baby Austin to renowned luxury cars such as Rolls Royce, Bentley and Daimler. 





A weekend of family fun!

King's Fest 39-Year-History-Calendar-Icon.png
King's Fest People-Icon.png
King's Fest Wine Tasting-Icon.png
King's Fest British-Car-Show-Icon.png
King's Fest Artworks-icon.png

39 Year History

20,000 Visitors

20+ Wineries

Supercar Saturday Event

1,500 British Cars

1,000 Artwoks

King's Fest 1st-Prize-icon.png

$20,000 Art Prize

King's Fest Area-Icon.png

23 Hectares