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14-15 SEPTEMBER 2019

2019 Food and Wine Exhibitors



Since 1811, the House of Perrier-Jouët has created wines with a unique signature, floral, stylish and diamond-cut. Two centuries of heritage handed down in the House cellars, like craftsmen jealously passing on their precious wisdom from father to son. A House of Craftsmanship.


G.H Mumm


The first pages of the Maison MUMM fabled winemaking history were written long before 1827, its official founding date; the Mumm family, whose lineage includes barons and knights, dates back to the 12th century. Already in 1761, the family had launched a business as wine producers and merchants based in Cologne, Germany under the name “P.A.Mumm”, after its owner Peter Arnold Mumm. The company owned large vineyards in the Rhine valley, where it created its own wines.


4 Pines Beer

Save The Pines 
We make beer because we love beer. Loving beer makes it easy to show all your mates that you love them too. Then you get lucky, and the amount of mates you have grows, and now you have a diverse community to love. Then you hug a pine tree, which gives you pine-rash, which you wear with pride. It’s all about where we are, who we’re with and how much we love our world. It’s about measuring success in the smiles on our faces, the taste of our beer and how well we can treat our planet so that the fun we have today is still on offer when we’re old and grey.

Save The Pines is our commitment to our environmental and social responsibility


Campo Viejo

Created with the most advanced Rioja winemaking techniques our range embodies progressive styles of Rioja wines that satisfy today’s discerning modern palates.



Jameson Irish Whiskey

In 1780, John Jameson established a way of making Irish whiskey that we’ve been proudly sticking to ever since.

As you can imagine, producing a blended Irish whiskey that has been enjoyed for over two centuries, takes a lot. But don’t worry, we’ve distilled over 200 years of courage, craft and a collective appreciation for taste, into one short account. So here’s the secret behind our signature smoothness – our process and our people.


Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers is one of Australia’s leading family-owned wine companies with experience in crafting wine since 1889.We have four generations of family involvement in our business and we are proud of our local Milawa heritage. While heritage is at the heart of our brand, we are far from a traditional wine company.

Our affinity for innovation and experimentation has driven our direction. We have established a reputation as a winery that challenges the status quo by developing new grape varieties and partnering with the CSIRO to support ongoing viticulture research. We are a key member of Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW) and are proud to have forged a reputation locally and abroad, as varietal wine specialists and winemaking innovators.

Over the years we’ve seen many changes in the Australian Wine industry, yet the cornerstones of Brown Brothers remain constant. We remain a family business; hand-crafting wine.


Molly’s Cradle

Proudly owned and operated by the Skidmore family, the brand was built on a simple philosophy – from the best grapes, comes the best wines. 

As generational wine growers, we have been producing some of the finest wines in the Hunter Valley, with a vision and commitment to provide our customers with handcrafted, yet affordable premium wines. 


Somm Wine Experiences

Somm came from our own desire to experience the world’s great wines.

As curious wine lovers who drink our share of wine, we take pride in our cellars and love sharing our wines with family and friends. But our cellars (and our hearts) were dominated by Australian wines and this meant that those moments of discovering new and exciting wines were getting more and more rare.

We knew deep down there was more to the world of wine. So we went searching for a great way to step out of the familiar regions and varieties and into a journey of discovering what makes each famous wine growing region distinctive, and their wines so iconic.


We couldn’t find what we wanted, so we created Somm Premium Wine Experiences.
We work with phenomenal winemakers, grape growers and chefs to create a guided tour through the wine, food, history and culture of each region. These great wines and the stories behind them showcase what the region is capable of, deepening your wine knowledge as well as your cellar.

We hope Somm inspires you to learn more about the world of wine and share your experiences with family and friends.


South Trade International

SouthTrade was founded in April 2002 by directors Dave Higgins & Tony Stubley.
In their first year of business, Tony and Dave primarily focused on importing, marketing and distributing Green Fairy Czech Absinth. Since its inception, SouthTrade has flourished to now be representing some of the world’s premiere drink brands.

SouthTrade has successfully built and continues to launch brands that compete in all significant spirit categories.  The portfolio has enjoyed industry-wide success under SouthTrade. This has been driven by the same core values created in 2002, building great brands through education platforms, memorable experiences and valued partnerships.
Now owned by leading spirit company Sazerac, Southtrade International continues to advance with more than 54 employees nationally.


Cellar Masters

In 1982 Cellarmasters consisted of just four people working together in a tiny office in Bondi Junction. Winelovers soon discovered the quality, variety and value on offer, and the convenience of having it delivered to their door. These days, our Barossa Valley warehouse and Surry Hills offices have a team of over 200 wineloving staff working together to make sure you get the best wines at the best prices.

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